Give-Away: DPA 2028 SuperCardioid Vocal Mic

DPA 2028 Vocal Microphone

Pro-Sound is partnering with SonicScoop to give away a DPA d:facto 2028 SuperCardioid Vocal Mic ($699.95 value) to one lucky winner in a drawing starting on November 21, 2019.

Built to Deliver 1:1 Vocal Reproduction of Virtually Any Vocal Performer

Suited to all types of singers, speakers, and vocalists, the DPA 2028 Vocal Mic was designed to give you DPA’s renowned, high-quality sound, and stand out during any live stage performance. This flexible handheld vocal mic is known for its superior sound quality, providing effortless vocals to a wide range of markets including live, HoW, broadcast, etc.

While designed as a hand-held vocal mic for live sound, a condenser microphone of this quality can effectively double as a studio recording microphone for vocals or instruments.

The black body and grille have been built with live stage applications in mind. So, although it performs like a studio microphone, it doesn’t need to be coddled and cradled like one. It is built for the road.

What You Can Expect From the DPA 2028 SuperCardioid Vocal Mic

  • Extremely high gain before feedback
  • Uniform and controlled directionality
  • Durability – built for rough use on the road!
  • Modified supercardioid pickup pattern with DPA’s famously flat off-axis response

DPA 2028 SuperCardioid Vocal Mic Tech Specs

  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Max SPL: 160dB SPL
  • Self Noise: 22dB (A weighted)
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: 48V phantom power
  • Connector: XLR
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2028-B-B01

Grab the DPA 2028 SuperCardioid Vocal Mic and see what you’ve been missing!


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