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About Us

Audio Specialists Assisting You to Capture
Exceptional Sound

About Us

When it Comes to Sound...
We Know What We're Talking About

We are the Guys Behind
the Super-Bowl & the Grammys.

If you've ever wondered who's responsible for the flawless sound you hear at those huge,
over-the-top events like the Super Bowl and the Grammys,
in Kendrick Lamar's concerts and even in Beyoncé's Albums…

Our team is a big part of that.

We have found a way to turn sound into an art,
and are now on a mission to turn your vision into reality.

The Biggest Brands in the World Trust Us to Delivery Quality Sound
(When it Really Matters)

Trusted us for five Pro-Tools rigs, microphone package and control-room monitoring for on location shoots in LA...

Relied upon us to provide three matching Avid D-Command & Pro-Tools rigs PLUS voiceover booth gear for the largest broadcast: Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco...

Counted on us for six Pro-Tools rigs for Beyoncé on location for a house recording studio "somewhere"... ;)

We Know What Great Sound Sounds Like,
and We'll Do Anything to Help You Get It!

What Sound Professionals
(Just Like You) Have to Say About Us

Dan Moses Shreirer

Dan Moses Shreirer

Award-Winning Broadway Sound Designer

Pro-Sound's equipment allows me to reach the highest level of my sound designs. Their demo enables me to audition many brands of equipment so I can create my signature touch to the production… Pro-Sound is always right there collaborating.

Tim Lester

Tim Lester

Award-Winning A1, The Daily Show

Pro Sound has been our go-to resource at Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' for almost two decades. From the early days of The Daily Show, to current host, Trevor Noah, their services have always been seamless. Fantastic.

Dave O'Donnell

Dave O'Donnell

Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer

My relationship with Jim Flynn Rentals goes back many years prior to my work as James Taylor’s producer. I never have to worry, because I know the professionals at Pro-Sound will integrate gear into the studio flawlessly... and quickly.

Our Warehouse is Located
in Brooklyn NY

Mailing Address:

1802 Village Court
Mulberry, FL 33860

Tel: 212.586.1033 (NY)
or 863.409.4870 (FL)

We Ship Our Products All Over the World

Our customers are everywhere.

From Hawaii to Hong Kong. New York to New Delhi.
Maine to Mumbai.

*Subject to manufacturer's distribution agreement.

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We've got you.

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