MK 5g Switchable Cardioid/Omni, matte gray, slight HF emphasis

MK 5g Switchable Cardioid/Omni, matte gray, slight HF emphasis

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Schoeps Microphone Capsule MK 5 *** PLEASE SPECIFY MATTE GRAY OR NICKEL FINISH WHEN ORDERING. ****omni and cardioid patterns, mechanically switchable. *slight emphasis of the high frequencies. *broad range of applications. The MK 5/ CCM 5 operates with only one membrane, but offers two selectable directional patterns. The pattern is selected purely by mechanical means, via a slide switch on the side of the capsule.In its omnidirectional setting the capsule is a pressure transducer with flat response down to the lowest audio frequencies. The polar diagram shows increasing directivity at high frequencies, which is typical for this type of transducer.In the cardioid setting equal components of pressure-gradient and pressure operation combine to form a cardioid pattern. (Please make certain that the pattern selector is definitely in one position or the other; in-between settings will yield undefined results.)The fact that response is maintained to the highest audible frequencies is unusual for a switchable-pattern microphone.The MK 5/ CCM 5 has a slight high-frequency emphasis as compared with the corresponding single-pattern omni (MK 2/ CCM 2) and cardioid (MK 4/ CCM 4). The MK 5/ CCM 5 has near-universal usefulness and it is the capsule which we recommend most highly for those just starting out with the Colette Series.

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