MK 4VXPg Cardioid, side-address, matte gray, with strong attenuation of proximity effect, *Formally

MK 4VXPg Cardioid, side-address, matte gray, with strong attenuation of proximity effect, *Formally

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Schoeps Microphone Capsule MK 4VXS *** PLEASE SPECIFY MATTE GRAY OR NICKEL FINISH WHEN ORDERING. ****for pickup of speech or music at close range (under 10 cm), otherwise the sound may become ?thin?. *cardioid for lateral pickup. *considerable attenuation of low frequencies. *emphasis of high frequencies. This cardioid microphone, with its main axis along its side, improves speech intelligibility in very loud environments. It is designed for the very closest speech pickup, i.e. directly in front of the speaker's mouth. Its low-frequency rolloff is compensated by proximity effect. Thus it has (up to the point of its high-frequency emphasis) a flat frequency response for the speaker's voice, while showing a rolloff at low frequencies for all sound that originates from a greater distance. As a result, background sounds are picked up less strongly than the person speaking.The MK 4VXS or CCM 4VXS should be used with the popscreen B 5 in order to prevent ?popping? sounds from the voice.The CCM 4VXS has proved itself especially when used in the broadcasting or recording of motor sporting events. In this case it is attached to the user's headphones. (See headset). Please note:This microphone type is a pressure-gradient transducer with a distinct bass rolloff, designed exclusively for the intelligible pickup of speech at close range in acoustically unfavorable conditions where proximity effect is inherent in the situation. Thus it is not normally suitable for music, and speech pickup at greater distance would sound thin and bright.If the user is faced with such problems only occasionally, this type of microphone may not be the most practical choice since it is intended to be used for very close miking, especially of speech. Instead, the standard version of the cardioid (MK 4 or CCM 4) can be used in combination with a variable filter (CUT or LC for MK 4, LC for CCM 4) which attenuates the low frequencies electrically. The CUT allows the amount of low-frequency attenuation to be tailored to the specific voice, its working distance and the locale. Of course the low frequencies could also be reduced at the preamp or console, but the CUT reduces the danger of overloading their inputs due to pop or wind noise. The MK 4 or CCM 4 - without the low-cut - can then be used for recording music or more distant dialogue on a different occasion.

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