MK 41Vg Supercardioid, side-address, matte gray, very directional with smooth off axis response

MK 41Vg Supercardioid, side-address, matte gray, very directional with smooth off axis response

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Schoeps Microphone Capsule MK 41V *** PLEASE SPECIFY MATTE GRAY OR NICKEL FINISH WHEN ORDERING. ****supercardioid pattern maintained particularly well throughout the frequency range. *for lateral pickup. *for universal application. *high directivity, comparable to that of a short ?shotgun? microphone up through midrange frequencies. Like the MK 41 or the CCM 41, the MK 41V and CCM 41V are useful in all situations with music or speech, either as ?spot? microphones or as overall directional microphones. However, this type of microphone is addressed from the side.It excels particularly in the constancy of its polar response throughout the audio spectrum. As a result, sound within 90 on either side of the main axis is picked up with virtually no alteration of frequency response or tone color. This is strongly evident with sound sources that are in motion, but is also of great benefit in obtaining stable, precise stereo imaging for normal music recordings. This capsule type is therefore preferred for use as a support microphone as well as in the OCT (?Optimized Cardioid Triangle?) microphone system for surround sound recording introduced by Dr. Theile of the Institute for Radio Technology. (The front left and right channels in that system are picked up by sideways-facing supercardioid microphones; see technical appendix to this catalog.)The MK 41V may be easier to use in near-coincident setups than the MK 41: the microphone bodies do not get in each other's way. With the MK 41 this can be avoided using GVC ?elbows? or Colette cables. Note: Though not specifically designed for such use, the MK 41V capsule can also be used on the RC Active Tube or the variable angle joint GVC; when fully tightened it will rarely be aimed where you intend. On request we will supply an elastic ring which can be slipped over the threads of the RC or GVC so that the final turn of the capsule will place it at the desired angle of rotation.

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