Schoeps CMH 64U 12V or 48V phantom power, handheld Cardioid

Schoeps CMH 64U 12V or 48V phantom power, handheld Cardioid

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two directional patterns available built-in protection from plosive sounds (“popping") and handling noises Protection from plosive sounds (vocal “popping")...can be achieved with conventional windscreens; but the more effective these are, the greater the risk to the other parameters of the microphones' performance.SCHOEPS handheld microphones, however, use a very effective windscreen as a basic element of their design, into which a special capsule is integrated.Protection from solid-borne noise achieved by means of a progressively elastic mounting for all the functional elements. As with the CMC 6, each version of the CMH can operate with any 12 V or 48 V standard phantom powering. CMH 64 U with Cardioid PatternWhen there is simultaneous loudspeaker transmission, the risk of acoustic feedback is reduced by the low-frequency rolloff and the directional characteristic, provided that the performer stays on axis and away from the loudspeakers.Proximity effect compensates for the loss of bass when used at close distances.

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