Schoeps BL CCM 3Lg, Boundary-Layer CCM microphone

Schoeps BL CCM 3Lg, Boundary-Layer CCM microphone

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A good speaker's desk, or a table on which microphones are to be set up, calls either for a rather heavy weight construction or for a perforated metal surface to be used. A heavy tabletop will not flex much; a perforated surface on the other hand will radiate and reflect less sound energy than one which is flat and solid.It is not always necessary to use several directional microphones (e.g. cardioids) when recording roundtable discussions. A single boundary-layer microphone such as the BLM 03 Cg can be placed at the center of the table or the BL CCM 3 can be built into the table top and concealed perhaps beneath a thin covering cloth, solving the problem in elegant fashion. This type of microphone is also significantly less sensitive to solid-borne noise than an ordinary directional type such as a cardioid. Even if monitor loudspeakers are nearby, the risk of feedback is less than might be expected since the boundary-layer effect discriminates in favor of direct sound. In addition, by using one boundary-layer microphone instead of several conventional microphones, the risk of phase cancellation is greatly reduced

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