Sanken CMS-10 Stereo Shotgun Camera Microphone With Camera Mount

Sanken CMS-10 Stereo Shotgun Camera Microphone With Camera Mount

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Sanken CMS-10 Stereo Shotgun Camera Microphone With Camera Mount....... The Sanken CMS-10, the world's first cameramount Stereo Shotgun microphone, was developed in conjunction with NHK for HDTV broadcasting of the Nagano Winter Olympics. Since its world debut, it has become the new industry-wide standard microphone for use with HD cameras. While compact and lightweight, the CMS-10 provides extremely high-resolution audio to match today's advanced picture quality. Unique Design: The CMS-10, uses M-S design to provide stereo or mono with superior frontal directionality and a rejection of sounds from the sides and back, making it ideal for noisy shooting situations or reverberant environments. A built-in Mono/Stereo switch allows output of a highly directional mono signal to both L/R channels. The supplied suspension camera-mount eliminates vibrations from both camera and operator movement. The condenser elements use exclusive PPS (Poly-Phenylene Sulfide) diaphragms to provide exceptional response and optimum humidity / temperature stability. Conventional shotgun microphones use a line capsule array and a pipe with slits in front of the capsule to create high directivity by utilizing phase interface within the casing. With the traditional design, maintaining high directivity at low frequencies requires a length of more than 20 inches in length. Unlike conventional shotgun microphones, the CMS-10 uses a unique second-order pressure gradient design, enabling precision directional response through multiple cardioid elements in a front-back array. The capsules combine line microphone performance and second-order gradient response in a single compact [ 8.6 inch long ] system. Versatile: For episodic television, film/video documentaries, and major broadcast events, it has become desirable to record targeted sounds precisely, with the added option of capturing realistic stereophonic perspectives. In many cases, engineers have accomplished this with a pair of shotgun microphones, or with the combination of a shotgun mic and an MS-stereo mic. Both methods are lacking because of problems in stereo localization, accurate width of the sonic image and clarity of the audio. In addition, multiple microphone configurations impair field mobility and sonic consistency. Stereophonic localization depends primarily on signal accuracy and channel separation in the 400Hz to 3kHz range. Pattern control of the CMS-10 has been optimized in this range. Very low and very high frequency response has been optimized along the frontal axis so that the "target" on-axis sounds are clearly delineated. The result in playback accentuates the frontal image, with side signals positioned slightly behind. Non-Proximity Effect: When a directional microphone is near the sound source, the proximity effect results in a boosting of certain low frequencies and slight masking of others. Some designs utilize this effect to reduce surrounding noise, but microphone response greatly varies with the changing distance between the source and the microphone. This effect becomes more pronounced when the directionality becomes greater. By contrast, the CMS-10 virtually eliminates the proximity effect in spite of sharp directivity, while the sonic characteristics do not change with varied distances between source and microphone. This is a significant advantage over all other directional microphones. Includes: SH-10 / Suspension Holder and WSJ-10 Softie. Attached with 5-Pin Male XLR cable/0.26m

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