Rycote INV-9, 1 x 30mm Clips And 1 x 19 to 25mm clip.  Large

Rycote INV-9, 1 x 30mm Clips And 1 x 19 to 25mm clip. Large

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Product Description

Rycote's InVision microphone suspension range is the ideal answer to isolating small to medium length microphones where a discrete low profile is essential. The InVision suspensions all use Rycotes patented "Lyre" suspension system. The Lyre suspension uses no runner or elastic components to isolate the microphone from unwanted shocks and handling noises. Instead the design of the shape allows a specific compliance to the microphone, and so prevents the handling noise reaching the capsule. The materials used within the Lyres allow the working temperature of the suspension to far exceed any elastic or rubber shock mount or suspension. The operating temperatures for the lyres is from -35 Celcius to over 100 Celcius. They can be used for a wide range of ëcompact' microphone series, ëremote capsule' systems and some short to medium bodied small-diaphragm microphones. The InVision range retains all the flexibility, balance and professional performance that you can expect from a Rycote microphone suspension The InVision Suspension Series is designed for studio and installed sound use and does not have the ability to be used in conjunction within a windshield. However, the "Standard" lyre suspension webs are available on both the Modular suspensions & Windshield kits and the S-series. All InVision mounts use Rycote's patented, innovative "Lyre" suspension clip technology for uncompromising performance and indestructible durability. An integral cable clamp will hold any 3mm-8mm diameter cables. A 3/8" to 5/8"-27 brass adaptor is included. INV-1, INV-2 & INV-3 are designed specifically for static use on desk and floor stands and podiums, when a discrete profile is essential. The "Lyre" suspension webs of these InVision models have a small profile designed to unobtrusively mount and isolate ëcompact' microphones and ëremote capsule' systems. INV-4, INV-5, INV-6, INV-7, INV-7HG, INV-8, INV-9 & INV-10, INV-10HG models are equipped with mic clips with larger "Lyre" webs that are ideal for either boom pole or stand use providing maximum stability. The "Use with" list for each is just a sample of the many possible microphones InVision will accommodate.

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