Denecke TC-1 Time Code Reader

Denecke TC-1 Time Code Reader

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Product Description

The Dcode TC-1 Time Code Reader opens the world of time code to film editing at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Using time coded film dailies, editors working directly with film can use the TC-1 to assist them in syncing, making high speed searches, logging, and keeping accurate time-date records of the actual production.

The TC-1 reads SMPTE and EBU time code from VTRs, videocassette recorders, film editing machines, and film synchronizers from 1/50 to 50 times speed in both forward and reverse. For transferring 1/4" tape to mag film it cleans up (reshapes) time code while generating 60Hz sync pulse from either 24 or 30fps time code. Perfect for film and television production companies, transfer houses, and music studios.

* Reads SMPTE/EBU time code
* Displays time code in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames
* Freeze the display instantly by pressing the HOLD button
* Signal Status display
* Reshaped code for copying is accessible through the rear output connector
* Film resolving 60Hz from both 24 and 30fps


* 6" x 5" x 1.625"
* 1.5 lbs.
* Input: -35 to +35dB at 50K ohm
* Output: 1v square wave at 2K ohm
* Sync: 60Hz sine wave at 1v
* Power: 7 - 24v, AC or DC at 180 Ma

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