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The CCS2EX-S allows a range of USB-Serial adapters to be connected between the CCS-2 and any equipment with an RS232/422 control port.

Custom serial messages can be pre-programmed into the CCS-2 using the Preset Manager software and sent via GPI triggers along with standard MIDI and relay events.

The CCS2EX-M allows the CCS-2 to act as a class-compliant USB MIDI host for connecting MIDI equipment fitted only with a USB interface.

With the CCS-2 being used in playback systems that contain not only audio but also video content, the need to create seamless switch over between Main and Backup computer sources for audio and video is crucial.

Should a switch over between Main and Backup computers become necessary, not only will the CCS-2 handle all the KVM duties as normal, with other connected Nemesis units able to handle audio switching in various formats, but with a CCS2EX-S board installed it can also control any associated serial-enabled video equipment (such as a TV-One 1T-C2 750 Scaler) and allow video sources to switch simultaneously and seamlessly.

The new CCS2EX-M option board adds USB MIDI for devices that don't include traditional- style 5-pin DIN connectors (e.g. Korg Nano range, Launchpad, some modern mixing desks with USB-MIDI only).

This makes it perfect for use during production periods, "creative theatre", or "hot-key pads" used on a production for instant sound FX, opening a whole new area of use for the Nemesis CCS-2.

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