TimeCode Systems Bracket

TimeCode Systems Bracket

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Your Buddies are ready to go, the crew is all set but you're wondering how to conveniently attach your new timecode friend to the camera. Don't worry, we have just the bracket for the job.

The guiding ethos behind the Timecode Buddy: system is making recording timecode not only immensely accurate but also more user-friendly. Determined not to let a minor detail like attaching the device to your equipment get in the way of an easy life, we've designed and manufactured our own bracket too.

The Timecode Buddy: bracket is a nifty little accessory that will make securely fitting your Timecode Buddy to any camera effortless.

How does it work? On the rear face of the Timecode Buddy: bracket there's a velcro strip and on the side is a coldshoe mount designed to perfectly fit the Timecode Buddy: master or Timecode Buddy: tx.

The Timecode Buddy: master has a coldshoe adaptor built into its solid aluminum spine (this is neatly hidden inside the unit when you don't need it) and the Timecode Buddy: tx comes with an additional coldshoe adaptor which is simply screwed onto its aluminum spine when needed.

Do I have to use a Timecode Buddy: bracket? The beauty of the Timecode Buddy: system is that both products can either be mounted directly onto a coldshoe mount already on a camera or onto the Timecode Buddy: bracket.

Alternatively, of course, you can simply fit your Timecode Buddy onto the standard clip pouch on your Petrol case or a Straddle Bag UCR411a holder.

It's as easy as that.

Transform your iPad into a DigiSlate

Available to download now, use the free Timecode Buddy: app to turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a highly accurate DigiSlate.

With the app you can wirelessly stream and display real-time SMPTE timecode on up to ten iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) simultaneously.

What makes the Timecode Buddy: app different? The Timecode Buddy: app is the only DigiSlate app that's constantly re-synced from a hardware device via WiFi. The timecode, user bits and frames per second (FPS) shown on your iOS device come directly from the Timecode Buddy: master. It doesn't rely on the inaccurate clocks within the iOS devices.

How does it work? Timecode is broadcast via WiFi using UDP Broadcast protocol in ëad hoc' mode, ensuring highly accurate syncing from the microprocessor controlled 0.2ppm TCXO reference oscillator within the Timecode Buddy: master itself.

Each Timecode Buddy: master appears as a different WiFi network on the iOS settings page. Find the one you want and then open the app.

Planning a DSLR, music or separate sound shoot? Use the iPad version of the app (with higher resolution and enhanced menu graphics) to get all the benefits of a full size DigiSlate.

Self-shooting producer directors canÖSlate cameras on multi camera shoots using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This can obviously be ërec run' or ëfree run' timecode.

Any directors and production assistants working on a shoot canÖLog on to the Timecode Buddy WiFi network to make notes of takes and timecodes, removing the hassle from the edit process.

Download your Timecode Buddy: app

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