Zaxcom TRXLA3 ZHD Transmitter

Zaxcom TRXLA3 ZHD Transmitter

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POMPTON PLAINS, N.J. — April 13, 2016 — Zaxcom today announced their latest line of digital recording wireless transmitters with a brand new modulation, Zaxcom High Density (ZHD). ZHD modulation allows for up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in one MHz of frequency spectrum space. Like other Zaxcom Digital Wireless transmitters, the new ZHD models, the TRXLT3, TRXLA3 and TRX743 are 100% digital, have built-in backup recording with timecode, NeverClip™ for superior dynamic range and are fully encrypted.

When using ZHD modulation the wireless signal is 50 KHz wide and can be spaced as close as 100 KHz apart, so a single American television channel of 6 MHz can contain up to sixty channels of Zaxcom high density wireless. The narrow signal gives the transmitters outstanding operating distance. This along with the 100 KHz spacing effectively solves the spectrum availability problems for UHF wireless microphones.

“This is a major development for our industry. There’s currently a genuine concern because the available spectrum for wireless microphones is shrinking. In the near future many broadcasters won’t have enough spectrum to cover events as they did in the past. Since so many more wireless mics can be utilized per MHz with ZHD modulation in comparison to current wireless microphone technology, this won’t be a problem anymore,” said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom president. “Compatibility with our current transmitters and receivers allow users to migrate to the new gear without an all or nothing investment. We’re looking forward to giving live demos of the technology at our booth at the 2016 NAB Show.”

The new ZHD transmitters will run all existing mono Zaxcom transmitter modulations maintaining compatibility with all currently produced Zaxcom receivers.

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ZHD is Zaxcom’s new High Density modulation mode that will allow up to10 channels of wireless to be operated in just one MHz of spectrum space. ZHD will be standard in the TRXLT3, TRXLA3 and TRX743 that will begin shipping worldwide June 2016.

TRXLA3 Transmitter

TRXLA3 Transmitter

ZHD Key Features:

  • A single 6 MHz American television channel can contain up to sixty channels of ZHD wireless
  • The wireless signal is only 50 KHz wide and frequencies can be spaced as close as 100 KHz apart
  • RF transmitter power is adjustable up to 100 mW on TRXLA3 & TRX743
  • Incredible transmission distance – due to ZHD’s highly efficient modulation
  • Transmitters are available as 3.5 (518 – 614 MHz) and 3.6 (596 – 698 MHz)

TRXLT3, TRXLA3 and TRX743 transmitters are capable of running either ZHD modulation or any existing mono modulations so they maintain compatibility with all Zaxcom receivers. ZHD modulation mode conforms to all currently proposed FCC regulations for spectrally efficient wireless transmission.

Currently the ZHD modulation will work in single mode on all current QRX200 series receivers, but it will not work in dual mode. There will be a dedicated ZHD receiver in the future.

Frequency spacing:

ZHD modulation with future ZHD receiver – 10 frequencies per MHz – 60 per TV channel
ZHD modulation with current QRX200, QRX235, RX200, QRX212 – 5 frequencies per MHz – 30 per TV channel
Current XR modulation with current receiver – roughly 2.5 per MHz – 15 per TV channel

Frequency Spectrum Display of ZHD Modulation

Frequency Spectrum Display of ZHD Modulation

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Visit Zaxcom at NAB 2016 –  Booth C1758

About Zaxcom, Inc.
Zaxcom, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing innovative audio gear for the television and film industries since 1986. A pioneer in audio technologies for sound-mixing and ENG professionals, Zaxcom invented the Deva multi-track audio recorder and the Digital Recording Wireless™ transmitters.  The company holds a U.S. patent for its wireless recording technology.  They are proud to have been honored with two Emmy awards, a Scientific Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and three CAS Technical Achievement Awards.  For more information about Zaxcom, Inc., visit

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