Sennheiser SPM 8000 Esfera 5.1 Surround Microphone Unit

Sennheiser SPM 8000 Esfera 5.1 Surround Microphone Unit

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Product Description

Esfera is a surround microphone system which is easy to install and very easy to use. Esfera provides 5.1 surround sound from just two channels, making complicated surround mic installations a thing of the past. The system consists of the SPM 8000 stereo microphone and the SPB 8000 processing unit that converts the signals of the microphones into a complete 5.1 audio signal.

Two RF condenser microphone capsules in XY configuration are at the core of the Esfera SPM 8000 stereo microphone. When used in conjunction with the SPB 8000 central units, the two microphones can create a 5.1-channel surround effect. The microphone is supplied complete with basket windshield, suspension with pistol grip, “hairy” cover and stereo cable (XLR-5 to 2x XLR-3).


  • Can be used as a high-quality stereo microphone or - with the SPB 8000 - as a compact 5.1 microphone
  • Very natural, detailed sound
  • Weather-proof and rugged
  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise prevents masking of delicate sound structures
  • Symmetrical transducer technology ensures extremely low distortion
  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced microphone outputs: no coupling of spurious signals
  • High output signal voltage ensures interference-free signal paths
  • Supplied complete with basket windshield, suspension with pistol grip, “hairy” cover and stereo cable (XLR-5 to 2x XLR-3)
Dimensions length: approx. 237 mm
Frequency response 35 Hz to 20 kHz
Max. sound pressure level 142 dB SPL
Weight approx. 595 g (670 g with “hairy” cover)
Diameter approx. 106 mm
Pick-up pattern cardioid
Phantom powering 48 + 4 V (P48, IEC 61938)
Operating temperature -10C to +60C
Equivalent noise level DIN-IEC 651:†13 dB(A)
CCIR 268-3:†22 dB
Current consumption 3.3 mA
Sensitivity - 34 dbV/Pa (20 mV/Pa)

Introducing Esfera, Sennheiser’s innovative 5.1 surround microphone system which elegantly creates immersive surround audio from a single pair of X/Y microphones. Esfera simplifies workflows for broadcast professionals by efficiently capturing authentic ambience using just two audio channels, and converting this audio information to 5.1 at any point in the workflow - live or in post-production. The Esfera system features two components: the SPM 8000 two-channel microphone unit, and the SPB 8000 surround processor unit, sold separately or as part of a complete system package, available at a special introductory price.

What's in the box?

  • 1 SPM 8000 stereo microphone, consisting of 2 microphone capsules and a suspension with pistol grip
  • 1 basket windshield
  • 1 “hairy” cover
  • Y-adapter cable (XLR-5 socket to 2x XLR-3 connector)

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