Schoeps MSTC 64g, "ORTF" Stereo Microphone, matte gray

Schoeps MSTC 64g, "ORTF" Stereo Microphone, matte gray

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This microphone consists of a T-shaped body with two built-in microphone amplifiers, and a matched pair of MK 4g cardioid capsules of the Colette Modular System which are mounted 170 mm apart with an included angle of 110° (ORTF system). Like the KFM 6 this is a “head-related" arrangement. The stereophonic recording angle* is 95°.This is probably the simplest stereo technique in general use. In almost any situation it produces an evenly-spread stereo image with good localization, often without the need for spot or ambient miking. Setup is particularly quick and simple since the capsule spacing and angles are fixed, with only a single stand and microphone cable required. Placement is relatively uncritical and the technique produces good results even in the hands of an inexperienced or hasty user.The MSTC 64 accepts any 12 V or 48 V standardized phantom powering, with the maximum sound pressure level being slightly reduced (ca. 4 dB) when powered by 12 V.The two MK 4g capsules included with the MSTC 64g are a specially selected, matched pair.The designation MSTC 64g refers to a dual microphone amplifier MSTC 6g equipped with two MK 4g cardioid capsules. Surface finish here: matte gray (g)

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