Schoeps MK 21H Wide Cardioid with high frequency emphasis

Schoeps MK 21H Wide Cardioid with high frequency emphasis

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Schoeps Microphone Capsule MK 21H *** PLEASE SPECIFY MATTE GRAY OR NICKEL FINISH WHEN ORDERING. ****wide cardioid pattern very well maintained throughout the frequency range. *high-frequency emphasis for a slightly "brilliant" sound image. *slightly brilliant sound image. This microphone type is an outgrowth of our field experience with the MK 21. It embodies suggestions made by various pop musicians who wished certain instruments (such as percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals) to be reproduced with a touch of additional brightness, while maintaining the essential uniformity of response to sound originating anywhere in the microphone's front hemisphere.The frequency response of the MK 21H/ CCM 21H rises at high frequencies, reaching +4 dB at 7 kHz. Unlike most other condenser microphones, it does not then roll off, but “stays up" even at very high frequencies.As with our MK 21 or CCM 21, the frequency response of this model is exceptionally independent of the direction of sound incidence.

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