Schoeps MDZ 20 U 20 dB inline attenuator barrel

Schoeps MDZ 20 U 20 dB inline attenuator barrel

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for phantom- or parallel-powered microphones ca. 10 dB/ 20 dB constant attenuation avoids overloading sensitive inputs to be inserted between the microphone cable and the phantom-power supply does not reduce the microphone's signal-to-noise ratio The MDZ can also prevent the input impedance of a preamp from loading down a microphone; with it in place, the minimum load impedance for a CMC-series amplifier is reduced from 600 to 200 Ohms. It can also be useful when driving transformer-equipped inputs designed for 200 Ohm sources, which may develop high frequency response errors when driven by much lower impedances, particularly if the input transformer has a high turns ratio.Please note: With parallel-powered microphones, the MDZ must be inserted between the powering unit and the output cable.

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