Schoeps LC 60 U Active low-cut filter for phantom powered microphone

Schoeps LC 60 U Active low-cut filter for phantom powered microphone

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active High-pass Filters for phantom-powered microphones, in particular CCM Compact Condenser Microphones and CMC microphones of the Colette Modular System for standard phantom power, 12 V or 48 V These electronic filters can be inserted anywhere in the microphone cable path. With a rolloff of 18 dB/ octave, the LC 60 U suppresses low-frequency acoustic interference (e.g. wind noise, or solid-borne infrasonic noise such as handling noise during boom operation) without detracting from the sound quality of voice recordings. Under extreme conditions the LC 120 U can be used, though it may have an audible effect on the sound of a voice. Both filters can help prevent overloading the input circuit to which a microphone is connected - a problem which occurs more often than many people realize.The specifications of the SCHOEPS microphones (sensitivity, noise, source impedance) remain nearly unchanged with the LC.These low-cut filters are suitable not only for SCHOEPS microphones but also for phantom-powered microphones of other manufacturers, provided that they have a current consumption of at least 2 mA. Otherwise the maximum sound pressure level would be reduced.Please note:The use of two LC in series is possible, particularly with SCHOEPS microphones, but is not recommended. The cutoff frequency would be raised, and the maximum output level with 12 Volt operation would be lowered. In no case should three LC be cascaded, especially if the microphones have less than 4 mA current consumption

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