Rycote Stereo Windshield Code AF

Rycote Stereo Windshield Code AF

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The Rycote Stereo Windshield for AF is specially made to fit your AF-sized microphone. It is manufactured from a flexible gray plastic netting tube with a screening material, providing lightweight strength and durability. The twist and turn locking end caps provide an easy, rattle-free secure fastening. The unique slide-on/slide-off system allows for the quick removal of the microphone and the suspension. This windscreen has a one-year warranty. Combines with the Windjammer The standard (basket) windshield provides up to 25dB of wind-noise attenuation at 35Hz while giving almost no signal attenuation. Adding a Windjammer to your mic will give an improvement of some 10dB at LF - 35dB. The attenuation of the Windjammer is approximately 5dB at frequencies above 6kHz although this will increase if it is damp or allowed to get matted. Overall this combination gives the best performance of wide-band wind noise reduction against signal attenuation. Compatibility AKG's C422/C522 (Single Shank Stereo Mic) Beyer's MC833 (Single Shank Stereo Mic) Neumann's RSM191 (Single Shank Stereo Mic) Rode's NT4 (Single Shank Stereo Mic) Schoeps' CMC Series with cut 1 Schoeps' CMTS 301/501 (Single Shank Stereo Mic)

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