Rycote Connbox  8 For Schoeps CMIT5U w/CCM8L

Rycote Connbox 8 For Schoeps CMIT5U w/CCM8L

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Product Description

The Rycote ConnBox microphone cable connector boxes are designed to mount on the Rycote Modular Suspension. The Connbox acts as a transition connector and anchor point for the microphone tail(s) designed to isolate and eradicate cable-borne noise. Rigid and improperly dressed microphone cables often deny true microphone isolation, weighing the microphone down and causing noise from movement and vibration to reach the microphone. The ConnBox simply connects between the microphone and input device. Since the ConnBox mounts to the bar of the Rycote Modular Suspension, the ulta-thin microphone cable tails are given the necessary slack needed to achieve true noise free isolation. The ConnBox features a hardwired output cable (XLR 3-pin or 5-pin connection depending on model) and model specific input connectors. Dual Input Connection The ConnBox 8 features a standard XLR-3F and a Schoeps Lemo input connection cable tail. Designed to accommodate the Schoeps CMIT5U (or comparable length short shotgun) and Schoeps CCM 8L (Lemo version) microphones in an M/S (Mid-Side) Stereo array. The addition of a Schoeps adapter clip KMSC simplifies the mounting of the CCM 8L to the shotgun. Standard XLR-5 Output A hardwired 5-pin XLR output cable connects to stereo 5-pin XLR microphone inputs. The ConnBox will pass phantom power to condenser microphones whenever necessary. Mounts To Rycote Suspension Mount The ConnBox mounts directly onto the Rycote Suspension Mount, relieving cable tension that can cause noise or damage.

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