Remote Audio MEON V2 Self Contained Power System

Remote Audio MEON V2 Self Contained Power System

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Product Description

You have an early morning call, outside, and it's dark... and the Electrics are still running cable... but you need to get started... No problem. With the MEON, you're on.

You're halfway through a long dialog sceneÖ great performance... the director is loving it... Then someone trips over your AC power cord and pulls it out while recording. No problem. With the MEON, you're on.

The 1st AD calls for an unscheduled quick shot a hundred yards away. No AC power. No time for the genny. No problem. You roll your cart to the new set without having to power down. The quick shot turns into several hours. No problem. With the MEON, you're on.

How many Amps does your cart use? How many Amps does each item you are powering use? How much battery charge remains? Is your battery charging? With the MEON, you know.


  • All-in-one, rack mountable uninterruptable power system

  • Saves valuable cart space and minimizes overall cart weight

  • Contains Nickle Metal Hydride battery

  • Complete recharge in 7 hours or less

  • 29 Amp-hours of 12VDC = 4 to 5 hours of battery backup power for a typical sound cart

  • Internal microprocessor controller allows no overcharging or deep discharge

  • Eleven 4-pin power outlets on rear panel - 4 @ 13 Amps & 7 @ 6 Amps

  • Auto-resetting breakers on each outlet protect against short circuit and overload

  • 18 Amps of 13.8VDC when plugged into 110VAC - 240VAC mains

  • Two ON/OFF buttons prevent accidental power on or power down

  • Convection cooling = no fan noise

  • RM (remote meter) port and master/slave indicator light

The MEON v2, is a self-contained power system that provides up to 18 Amps of 12 Volt DC and 29 Amp-hours of internal Nickel Metal Hydride battery backup to eleven standard 4-pin outlets, all in a single, silent, 2-rackspace module weighing less than 25 pounds.

The MEON v2 employs a lighted two button ON or OFF system to prevent accidental power up or down of the system. Pressing any one of these buttons by itself will have no effect. When the unit is getting 120VAC-240VAC power, current is provided by a low-noise AC-DC power supply and the internal battery charges. The power buttons glow GREEN. When AC power is unavailable or interrupted, the battery seamlessly takes over. Power buttons then glow RED. When AC power is restored, the AC-DC power supply seamlessly takes over again, the battery resumes charging, and the power buttons glow GREEN again thus informing you of the origin of your power at all times.

There are eleven DC power outlets on the back of the MEON v2 wired in the standard 4-pin XLR configuration of PIN 4+, PIN 1 -. Each outlet has auto-resetting breakers to protect against overload. The outlets are arranged in three groups of three, and one group of two, as indicated on the back panel. Each group is limited to a total of 13 Amps. The first outlet in each group has a capacity of 13A while the remaining outlets in each group are limited to 6A each. A master 24A breaker protects against combined overload when multiple outlets are used. This allows a typical sound cart (drawing 13A or less) to be powered through a single XLR outlet if desired. For example, if power distribution to the devices on a cart is done through the Remote Audio BDS or Hot Box, a single 13A XLR outlet on the MEON v2 may be used power multiple devices. Or each device being powered can be cabled directly to the MEON v2's eleven outlets.

The MEON v2 can be used in conjunction with Remote Audio's RM (Remote Meter) or RS (Remote Switch). The RM allows remote monitoring of voltage and current (Amps) as well as remote ON/OFF control of the MEON v2. The RS provides remote ON/OFF control and low voltage indicator. Connect either device's 6-pin connector via the "RM" port on the front of the MEON v2. Turning on the RM or RS will also turn on the MEON and cause the blue LED indicator above the "RM" port to illuminate. This indicates that the RM/RS is now the "master", and powering ON and OFF can only occur through the RM/RS.

When using the MEON v2 without AC power, the 5-LED fuel gauge illuminates to show remaining battery capacity. While the MEON v2's voltmeter can aid in determining the battery's state of charge, the fuel gauge is much more sophisticated than a simple voltmeter. It combines data including voltage, Amp-Hours used, battery temperature, amount of charge prior to discharging, and rate of discharge at current load to accurately calculate the battery's remaining charge.

The MEON v2's internal battery is connected to its charger whenever 120 - 240 VAC is present. The five red LEDs labeled "Fuel Gauge" indicate the amount of charge remaining. The single LED on the right labeled "Charging Progress" verifies that charging is taking place at either the full rate, finishing rate, or maintaining rate, as noted on the unit. When fully charged, the LED status indicator is a steady green. Due to the microprocessor charge/discharge controller, the MEON v2 can remain connected to AC power indefinitely without fear of overcharging.

When plugged into AC power, the internal battery always has 7 Amps of charging current available regardless of how much current is being used to power your equipment. Other power systems use a single AC-DC power supply for both your equipment and for charging the battery leaving only the remaining current available to the battery. But with the MEON v2, when AC power is present, its internal battery is automatically connected to its own power supply for optimum charging at all times. When fully discharged, the MEON v2 will recharge to 95% capacity in 5 hours, and will be 100% charged in about 7 hours - even while it is being used.

The MEON v2 system has a microprocessor controller to monitor and manage the charging and discharging of the internal battery. You can leave AC power on indefinitely because the controller will maintain the battery at maximum capacity without over-charging the internal battery. The controller also turns off the battery when the internal voltage drops below 10 volts--prolonging the life of the battery.

There are several advantages to the Nickel Metal Hydride battery chemistry used in the MEON v2. It is significantly smaller and lighter weight than a gel-cell lead acid battery of similar capacity. Also, Nickel Metal Hydride batteries can provide 100% of their rated capacity under high current loads that lead acid batteries cannot. This is why, when under a 15 Amp load, a typical 33 Amp hour lead acid battery will deplete in less than 1 hour but under the same conditions the smaller, lighter 29 Amp hour MEON v2 battery will continue for 1.8 hours! A production sound cart typically draws about 5 or 6 Amps, so the MEON v2 will usually provide four to five hours of battery power.

Does the MEON v2 use fans? No. The MEON was designed for sound recording equipment. It uses convection cooling so that it can be used on the set of a very quiet sound stage where cooling fans can not be tolerated. To allow proper cooling when using AC power, it is best to mount the MEON v2 with some free space under and over the chassis. One rack space (1-3/4") above and at least 1/2" free space beneath the MEON v2 should be adequate.

Are the MEON v2 outputs filtered? No. In the majority of occasions when induced noise is caused by multiple devices sharing a single power supply, simple filters would have no effect. The best way to solve these rare noise problems is with isolating DC-DC converters for the devices causing the noise. However, DC-DC converters on each of the eleven outputs would be needlessly bulky, heavy, and expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that when isolation is needed to solve power-loop noise, the Remote Audio Juicer isolation power cable (uses a 30W isolating DC-DC converter) be used between the MEON v2 and the problem device.

The MEON v2 has a lot of capability in such a small package but once it's installed and connected to your equipment, all you have to do is turn it on. You on? MEON!


  • Weight: 25 pounds

  • Dimensions: Face plate: 19" wide

  • Chassis: 17-1/2" wide x 12" deep x 3-3/4" tall. Occupies 2 rack spaces.

  • Input: 120VAC-240VAC, 60Hz

  • Output: AC-DC Supply: 18A, 13.8VDC regulated; Battery: 29A/hr, 12VDC nominal

Words From The Field

"I've just completed a show with a newly installed 'MEON' to my cart. It has performed really well for me. Not having to add an additional lead acid battery to my cart has saved not only space, but weight as well. Drawing about 6.5 amps gives me about a 3 hour life on it's internal power supply before going down and so far, it also seems to run cooler than other power supplies that I've owned. After researching my options I found it to be a very good purchase for me."

Steve Aaron, CAS

"I've been using the MEON for 6 weeks, and have to say that for me it is the best powering configuration that I have used. The ability to take 120 or 240 volts was the big selling point for me and I also appreciate being able to see the current being drawn by my cart. I feel it is a great product and can certainly recommend it."

Peter Devlin

"I've had mine for over a year and I love it. My cart pulls about 4 amps and I can make it to lunch without plugging in."

Craig Parker

"Let me reiterate how much I have enjoyed having the MEON as my cart power supply; I have been very satisfied with the MEON's performance. The expense initially put me off, but after dragging around pelican-style lead acid batteries for years, I decided it might be worth the investment. Having used the MEON on two features since, I have found it to be both a great investment and a versatile cart power solution."

Thomas Beach, Production Sound Mixer

"For as long as I can remember, I have had power problems on the set. Virtually every 'system' out there was either dependent on the mains, caused noise due to power ground-loops or simply didn't have enough 'juice' to keep everything running. But for me, now, all that's history. Remote Audio has created the MEON power system and it has made my set life so much more anxiety free (wireless mics aside).

I've used the MEON now for several shows and it has proved to be a reliable, trouble free AND ground-loop free piece of ingenious equipment. With 12 outputs, it has many more than other supplies. With a capacity of 18Amps continuous, for my needs it has much more than ample power. Plus, with its internal 27A/hr NiMH battery, it can run my cart (which draws over 8 Amps) without external AC for over 3 hours. It switches instantly and silently from mains to battery, no matter what happens to the external power. Also, Electrical doesn't have to notify me or wait for me to shut down in order to repatch or shut down at the end of day. Because its innards are 'floating' relative to AC power, Sound can no longer be the cause of those nagging loops that plague video assist. It has dual volt and amp meters so I always know what's happening with my power use, and with its LED 'fuel' gauge, I always know where I'm at with internal charge.

As with all Remote Audio products, I paid retail price for my MEON and I'm happy with my investment. I'm so impressed with the MEON and with Remote Audio for giving us something we have needed for so long, that I wanted to help spread the word." - February 2008

John Pritchett, C.A.S.
"There Will be Blood" (BAFTA Nomination)
"Memoirs of a Geisha" (Oscar Nomination, CAS Nomination)
"Road to Perdition" (Oscar Nomination, CAS Award)

"A couple of more films, and this is still my feeling. VERY satisfied with the MEON. I would recommend it to everyone." - November 2008

John Pritchett, C.A.S.
"There Will be Blood" (BAFTA Nomination)
"Memoirs of a Geisha" (Oscar Nomination, CAS Nomination)
"Road to Perdition" (Oscar Nomination, CAS Award)

"I have been using the MEON on three movies so far this year and I love it. It has replaced the multi battery system I had been using and by plugging in whenever power is available, there is no need to remember to charge batteries at the end of the day or worry that the camera truck will be powered overnight for the next location. The MEON powers all my devices on the cart including wireless and monitors and has run flawlessly. On some of these films, I am talking about a torture test! We have run the MEON in rain, snow and heat. Underground in a moist atmosphere and my MEON even had a camera cart (DIT SIZE) break loose and smash into the front panel the second day I had it. There was some minor cosmetic damage, the button guards on the "on" power buttons, but much to my delight, the MEON runs great and is currently working on my latest film without a glitch. Just as you describe in your marketing information, the MEON does in fact make a run for a remote shot easy and a kicked out power cord has no effect on the electronics on my cart, no voltage drop or hits, just plug back in to charge when you can get to it. We just shot exteriors in the rain at a rock quarry in mud that coated almost everything, but a quick wipe off of the front panel and the MEON is just fine. Thanks for a great product."

Jim Emswiller, C.A.S.

"The MEON is the one box solution to my cart power needs. Solid power with distribution, no fans and no worries about the electric department."

Whit Norris, C.A.S.

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