Phonak Earwig Invisity Batteries A10 Zinc-air 1.4V 6-PACK

Phonak Earwig Invisity Batteries A10 Zinc-air 1.4V 6-PACK

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Product Description

Phonak invisity is the smallest in-ear radio receiver in the world.

Comfortable to wear and offering market-leading sound quality, this invisible earpiece allows broadcast and stage teams to discreetly prompt any presenter or performer, in turn providing these professionals with a valuable safety net and ensuring that broadcasts and performances always run smoothly.

Batteries A10 Zinc-air 1.4V
These Phonak batteries have been especially optimized for effective wireless communication use.

Frequently asked Questions
Standard Zinc Air Earpiece Batteries

Below Q&As apply to invisity, Profilo and Phonito earpieces
Q: Why do earpiece batteries have a tab?
A: Earpiece batteries use air as an energy source. The tab seals the air hole on the battery.
Once the tab is removed, it takes approximately twenty seconds before the battery is
activated and the battery compartment can be closed.
Please do not remove the tab before the battery is used. Reattaching the tab will not
prolong the running time of the battery.

Q: How has an earpiece battery to be stored?
A: Store earpiece batteries best at a room temperature between 10�25 degrees Celsius. Heat
may shorten the running time; a humid environment is not suitable for storage. Do not
store earpiece batteries in the fridge. Never carry individual earpiece batteries loose in a
purse, wallet or handbag - contact with metal objects such as keys or coins can cause the
earpiece battery to short-circuit.

Q: How does an earpiece battery deliver its best performance?
A: Please make sure that the battery air holes are free from moisture. Switching off the
earpiece when not in use will also prolong the life of the battery.

Q: How long is the running time of an earpiece battery?
A: The running time of the earpiece battery depends on the volume setting and the type of

Q: How do I dispose used earpiece batteries?
A: Like all other batteries, earpiece batteries must never be disposed with the household
waste. Please dispose the battery in an ecologically responsible manner at recycling points.

Q: Why is the earpiece not working despite having a new battery?
A: - Dirt in the battery compartment of earpiece is disrupting the contact.
- The battery does not fit correctly in the battery compartment.
- A non-Phonak battery doesn't suit the invisity needs.

Q: When do earpiece batteries leak?
A: An earpiece battery can leak if it is deep drained. This can happen if a discharged battery is
left in the earpiece.

Q: When do earpiece batteries expand?
A: An earpiece battery may expand if the discharged battery is left in the earpiece and as a
result is deep drained. It may also expand due to extremely high humidity.

Q: Why does an earpiece battery suddenly lasts a shorter time?
A: Statistics show that, in most of cases, the reasons for a short running time are not
necessarily production faults, but rather:
- Environmental influences (e.g. humidity, temperature)
- Using habits have changed (e.g. higher volume setting)
- Different brands of batteries in use
Improper handling can also reduce the running time of the earpiece battery, e.g.:
- The battery is left for a long time without its tab before it is inserted in the earpiece
- The earpiece is not switched off over night or during a long period of non-use
- The battery loses capacity due to a short circuit when mishandled (e.g. through contact
with metal objects)
- The battery is stored in a warm environment, e.g. in a car standing in the blazing sun

Q: What do I do if a battery is swallowed?
A: Both new and used earpiece batteries must be stored out of the reach of small children to
prevent them from swallowing a battery. If such an incident should nevertheless occur,
seek medical help for the child immediately!
For more information, please contact your earpiece dealer
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