IDX NP-L7S NP-Style Lithium-Ion Battery

IDX NP-L7S NP-Style Lithium-Ion Battery

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The IDX NP-L7S is a 14.6 VDC/4.6 Ah NP-style Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) battery. With convenient features, practical size, low cost and high-performance characteristics, the NP-L7S is designed to fit just about any application. The NP-L7S features a built-in LED for an instant visual display of battery power status.High-Grade CellsUnlike conventional cells that are damaged by fast charging, IDX individually selects and balances each cell for optimum life and performance.14.6 VoltsProfessional camcorders operate on a 12-volt system. As per their design, a majority of camcorders will activate a low voltage warning or even cease to operate when they determine that the battery has fallen below 11-volts. Most equipment manufacturers suggest that a higher voltage battery should be used whenever possible.Cell ProtectionYour investment is protected externally by a tough ABS case and internally by a high temperature battery protection circuit (Auto Reset Temperature breaker type).Power Status DisplayThe NP-L7S incorporates a three LED array, for quick and precise indication of the remaining battery capacity.

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