Cable Techniques RX Emergency Mix Bus Interface

Cable Techniques RX Emergency Mix Bus Interface

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Product Description

The RX EMERGENCY is a modular interface that allows an additional wireless line level signal to input into a Sound Devices mixer via the Mix Bus effectively adding a channel to your mixer when in a jam - hence - RX EMERGENCY. The box's small size allows you to save precious bag space while still having complete control over the wireless level and Left, Right or both assigns in the stereo mix with transformer isolation.

The RX EMERGENCY was designed for the production sound professional. It's small, light and field durable. We offer a full complement of high quality cables to link up popular wireless receiver outputs and Sound Devices three, four and five channel field mixers with the RX.

The box ergonomics and connector orientation have been carefully selected to seamlessly integrate into your existing bag setup without impeding the placement of your audio gear. All Cable Techniques products are carefully hand assembled in the United States using premium materials and built to the exacting standards of production sound professionals.


  • TA3M 3-pin connections for modular I/O, Line Level 
  • Ideal problem-solver accessory for Sound Devices 302, 442 and 552 field mixers
  • Modular: Removable TA3F cables allow use of various brands of wireless output connections
  • Premium Bourns potentiometer to adjust your wireless level
  • 3-Way switch to assign audio to Left, Right or Both in the Stereo Mix Bus
  • Tough ìCool-Blu" wrinkle powder coat finish with laser engraved markings
  • Lightweight metal box with removable belt clip included
  • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 1 1/4"
  • Weight: 4.3 oz (120 g)
  • All connections on the bottom for seamless bag integration
  • Sound Devices XL-1B and XL-TA35 cables are compatible to use as the Mix Bus cable
RX Emergency Bottom View RX Emergency Top RX Emergency Back

Bottom View:
Two TA3M connectors. ìRX In" connects to the wireless output. ìTo Mix In" connects to the SD Mix In or Link I/O.

Top View:
The RX pot allows you to adjust the wireless level from full off to full on. A 3-way switch for mix assign of the audio.

Back View:
Belt clip easily clips onto various parts of your audio bag. If you prefer to affix the RX via Velcro, the belt clip can be removed.


The RX Emergency can be used with many different models of wireless and a Sound Devices 302, 442 or 552 field mixer. Our interconnect cable selection includes cables for popular brands such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Audio Ltd. EN2 and Zaxcom. These cables include Right angle XLR-3, balanced 3.5mm TRS locking and unbalanced 3.5mm TRS versions.

RX Emergency Lectrosonics UCR411

Shown: The RX Emergency shown connecting a Lectrosonics UCR411with a Sound Devices 302. All three standard input channels are available for typical microphone and wireless inputs. Yes, The RX Emergency Mix Bus signal registers on the LED meters of all mixers.   



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