Bubblebee Industries BBI-WK Windkiller

Bubblebee Industries BBI-WK Windkiller

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Product Description

The Windkiller is our long-haired wind protector that fits shotgun microphones from Audio-Technica, Audix, DPA, JVC, Neumann, Røde, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony and others – see chart under the photos.

The core of the Windkiller consists of high quality coarse foam with Bubblebee’s carefully chosen soft and fluffy imitation fur on top. This faux-fur is highly durable, works excellent to block the wind and is aesthetically pleasing for the eye.

In the buttom The Windkiller is constructed with our specially designed rubber mount that grips unto your microphone while still making it perfectly easy to slide the Windkiller on and off.

The Windkiller comes in five different sizes, from XS to XL, all with an rubber opening in the buttom that fits shotgun microphones with a diameter of 18-24 mm (0.7”-0.9”).

There are five different lengths: 

Size XS: Length: 79 mm (3.1”)
E.g. use with following microphones: 
- Audio-Technica AT 4053
- Audix SCX1C
- DPA 4006 & 4011
- Neumann KM series
- Røde NT55
- Schoeps CMC series
- Sennheiser ME 64 & 62 K6

Size S: Length: 128 mm (5.1”)
E.g. use with following microphones: 
- Sony Camera Mic
- JVC Camera Mic

Size M: Length: 154 mm (6.0”) 
E.g. use with following microphones: 
- Audio-Technica AT 877 & AT 4073
- Schoeps CMIT 5U
- DPA 4017
- Sennheiser MKH 8060
- Sanken CS 1

Size L: Length: 179 mm (7.1”)
E.g. use with following microphones: 
- Audio-Technica AT 835ST & AT 897
- Neumann KMR 81
- Røde NTG-1 & NTG-2
- Schoeps Super CMIT5
- Sanken CS 2

Size XL: Length: 204 mm (8.0”)
E.g. use with following microphones: 
- Røde NTG-3
- Sanken CS-3 & CSR-2
- Sennheiser ME66 & MKH416

Product warranty: This product is covered by our two-year warranty securing against defects in material, design and workmanship. The full-length warranty is available for download here.

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