Beyerdynamic MCE86-S-II CAM Electret Condenser Shotgun Hyper

Beyerdynamic MCE86-S-II CAM Electret Condenser Shotgun Hyper

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Beyerdynamic's MCE 86 S II CAM shotgun microphone can be used for video recordings, lecterns or theatre applications. The microphone is extremely light and rugged; ideal for mounting onto cameras or camcorders. It can be used for outdoor applications and in studios with fish pole booms or as handhelds. The electrostatic transducer element and the hypercardioid/lobe polar pattern result in an excellent polar pattern with high sensitivity. Due to its construction and integrated active filter, the microphone is insensitive towards wind and vibrations caused by zoom motors. Each sound source is reproduced with absolute clarity. The MCE 86 S II CAM can be powered by a phantom source or with an integrated 1.5 V battery (average expectancy of 80 hours). It can also be connected to unbalanced XLR or mini jack inputs. The MCE 86 S II CAM has an electronic balanced output, allowing operation with long cables. There are two different elastic suspensions included to suppress footfall sound or vibrations of zoom motors. The EA 86 elastic suspension can be mounted directly onto the camera. At its bottom the EA 86 has a 3/8 "internal thread for the mounting on stands or fish pole booms. The flash holder adapter BS 86 allows optimal positioning on every camera. The MCE 86 S II CAM includes an elastic suspension EA 86 with BS 86, a WS 716 foam windscreen and a short connecting cable for direct camera mounting. Since 1924 Beyerdynamic has remained a German family owned company committed to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio market. All over the world, Beyerdynamic is known for the use of the latest technologies and a high quality standard. All Beyerdynamic products are made in Germany

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