Ambient Powerslot for Arri Alexa

Ambient Powerslot for Arri Alexa

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Only few professional video cameras offer the possibility for a slot-in radio receiver. The NEW Ambient Recording PowerSlot chassis provides this solution for the renowned ARRI ALEXA camera. 
The PowerSlot is equipped with a Unislot 25-pin D-Type connector making it compatible with most Slot-In receivers by Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Audio Limited, Wisycom and more. Available as V-Slot (AMS-V) and Anton Bauer Gold Mount (AMS-AB) battery versions both equipped with a D-Tap connector to power external devices. Includes mounting hardware and special TA5F right-angle to XLR-5M cable for the receiver audio.

Shown LEFT is the V-Mount version and RIGHT is the Anton Bauer Gold Mount version. Each uses genuine IDX and Anton Bauer interface plates for the battery hookup. 

The module is fastened between camera and battery directly interfacing with the camera and forms a secure joint with minimal alteration of the balance. The power is looped through to the camera also powering the receiver. The integrated D-Tap socket can be used to power other DC-powered gadgets.

PowerSlot incorporates a new powerful buffer-battery circuitry for convenient battery "hot-swapping". Even with 100-Watt power consumption, the internal backup battery powers the AMIRA for 10 seconds. When fully charged, the unit can accommodate 18 battery changes without recharging. The battery is automatically recharged with 3 LEDs always displaying the actual status.

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