Ambient ACL 204 Lockit Synchronizer for video cameras

Ambient ACL 204 Lockit Synchronizer for video cameras

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The ACL204 constitutes the archetype of a new generation of Clockit devices with full implementation of the Clockit Network system. Carefully listening to the hands-on experience of our customers we have further added functionality making this the most sophisticated portable time code sync box we ever built. Going well beyond the already comprehensive capabilities of its predecessor the ACL204 not only covers all existing TC and sync formats but now for the first time allows to apply a generator offset to compensate the dreaded processing delay of typically 2 frames experienced on some fi le based HD cameras.

Dual TC I/O and a sync output that can be switched in power mode to drive the load of 2 cameras assure a compact and clutter less experience on any 3D rig. The 2nd Lemo connector can also be used to interface with the all new Clockit Network with the transceiver being already integrated into the box. To accommodate for all this the hardware has been completely revised into a flexible, fully programmable FPGA architecture. A front loaded OLED display will give instant visual feedback about the current configuration and assist while moving through the menu to make adjustments. This is now done on the fly with an easy to operate one-finger navigation system - no more need for screw drvers or power cycling the unit.

An intelligent algorithm will prevent configuration of improper, mismatched TC and sync rates or unintended alterations to the setup. Still being a simplistic TC and sync box at the core driven by 2 AA cells in the familiar rugged footprint the ACL204 can be considered the pinnacle of portable synchronization.

The Ambient Clockit Network (ACN) is the next step in the digital film production.

With uncountable different file formats on set the time code is the only common parameter to be found in all devices. The ACNwill use this fact to bundle all required and wanted information at one central point, the ACN Master.

Imagine that all cameras, video and audio recorder tell one central unit when they started, how the file is called and when they stopped, each combined with an absolute time code position. All these information are automatically transformed into an edit list of your favorite choice which simplifies your import to an easy standard procedure. Imagine that additionally the slate will tell the exact clap position, the lenses will tell the focal width and aperture, that the smallest time code drift will be mirrored on your display and can remotely be adjusted, …

The ACN works with a closed XBee LAN and buffers the information so that even if the contact gets lost for some time the information will be transmitted as soon as the LAN is available again. To make the system even more mobile the ACN works as WLAN Server, so a lot functions can be done via remote from all WLan Devices with distinct user rights (IPad, Android Tablet,…) To enlarge the possibilities of the Clockit Network Third Party Manufacturers like Silicon Imaging, P+S Technik, Sound Devices, Cinedeck, Element Technica, AETA, … who all have Clockit incorporated, already opened their protocol for the ACN… … and the Network just has begun. With the brand new ACL204 Lockit Ambient introduces the first Device capable to fully communicate with the Network.

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