Zaxcom Deva 5.8 10 Track Hard Disk Recorder

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Zaxcom Deva 5.8 10 Track Hard Disk Recorder

Zaxcom Deva 5.8 10 Track Hard Disk Recorder

SZAXDEVA58 Not Yet Rated | Write the First Review

DEVA 5.8

The Deva 5.8 is a 10-track hard disk recorder for film and television production. With 8 hardware faders and a built-in hard drive, DVD-RAM and Flash memory slot, the Deva 5.8 is a complete solution for recording, mixing and effects in one package.

Deva 5.8 Features:

  • 10-track recording on built-in hard disk, DVD-RAM or flash media
  • 8 hardware faders
  • 8 analog mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital direct outputs
  • Built-in 16-channel mixer
  • EQ, notch filter, compressor and delay on each channel
  • Mix to disk or outputs pre or post fader
  • Record to external Firewire drive w/ no additional computers
  • Full metadata entry using the Deva touchscreen
  • Intuitive integrated color touchscreen interface

Fault tolerant multi-disk recording with automatic file recovery ensures that you deliver every bit of recorded audio even up to the point of an unexpected power failure.  As an extra precaution, power switches automatically from external to internal in the case of external power loss.

The Deva 5.8 has three internal recording mediums ensuring you can always have a copy of your recorded audio on set, allowing Production to instantly reference previous recordings. Disputes with Post regarding recording issues can be immediately cleared up and extra copies of recorded audio can be produced in the case of lost, damaged or stolen material.

The Deva 5.8 is small and light enough to be comfortable in over-the-shoulder applications.  The display, controls and 8 hardware faders are mounted on the top of the unit, making over-the-shoulder and cart use convenient.

The color touchscreen makes the Deva the most intuitive and powerful recorder available.  It is the most intuitive and flexible method to control a location recorder.  Large high-resolution color meters provide a precise indication of recording levels not available on any other recorder.

With pre-record, you'll never miss the start of a take; it allows for up to 10 seconds of audio to be recorded before the record button is pressed.  Timecode is automatically recalculated to assure sub-frame accuracy.

Deva offers direct Avid and ProTools compatibility, saving a tremendous amount of time loading files in Post Production.

Scene, take, note and roll number metadata can be entered using the color touchscreen display, the Deva Mix-12 or an external PS2 keyboard.  This data becomes part of the file and is automatically imported into the Avid Post Production system.  All metadata is easily edited on the Deva to insure Post gets the correct info for each take.

Circle takes and false starts can be quickly noted with dedicated hardware keys.

An i nfinitely flexible internal 16-input and 20-bus digital mixer is a must for surround recording.  Analog input limiters provide protection against harsh digital clipping.

Each channel on the Deva 5.8 is equipped with EQ, notch filter, compressor and delay.

The Deva incorporates the necessary phase coherent digital mixing and fader master capability to successfully record surround in the field.  3D sound reproduction is very dependent on time, phase and amplitude.  A surround microphone and the Deva is all that is necessary to capture the audio world in 3D.

Flexible headphone monitoring including M-S matrix, numerous factory presets, personal presets and a Soundfield Decoder let you listen to what you need to hear.

Each of the 8 digital outputs can be individually switched between output bus configuration and direct digital out.  The direct digital outputs allow input channels to be seamlessly routed to feed external backup recorders.

Price Includes:

Internal DVD-RAM drive, 160GB Hard Drive in caddy, Flash Slot, AES input & output cables and 120/240 AC Power Supply.

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