Voice Technologies VT500WA ADVENTURE, Omni, Unterminated, Black (3-wire pigtail)

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Voice Technologies VT500WA ADVENTURE, Omni, Unterminated, Black (3-wire pigtail)

Voice Technologies VT500WA ADVENTURE, Omni, Unterminated, Black (3-wire pigtail)

SVOIVT0569 Not Yet Rated | Write the First Review

VT500WA ADVENTURE Miniature Omni Lavalier

Whether you’re filming a climb of Mt. Everest, documenting a kayaking experience on the Tatshenshini River or airing a competitive sailing regatta - professional audio equipment must perform flawlessly under the most adverse conditions. With the VT500WA Adventure, Voice Technologies presents an advancement of the popular VT500WATER microphone.

The VT500WA Adventure is an IPX-7 Certified Waterproof miniature Omni lavalier microphone with an ultra-reinforced cable against sweat, cuts and tearing. The cable is 50% stronger than our standard cable. Also allows for temporary submergence (up to 1 meter) of the microphone without compromise and particularly suitable for demanding applications such as punishing day-to-day productions, sports, rental houses or for environmentally ruthless outdoor shoots. 

VT500WA ADVENTURE Microphones Feature


Hand selected Omni electret capsule inserts individually tested for frequency response & sensitivity within low tolerances

Flat frequency response for natural reproduction of the human voice

IPX-7 Waterproof Certification, Can be under water 30 minutes up to 1 meter under surface

Ultra-tough cable, 50% stronger than our standard cable - acid, sweat and tear resistant

Perfect for "miking up" athletes and referees who will sweat profusely

Precision molded capsule head for long lasting durability and uniformity (DIM 13 x 7 x 3.5mm)

The cable jacket is molded into the head section strain relief - you can even tug on it very hard without tearing it

An integral filter provides efficient RF suppression

Offers XLR-3 phantom adaptor options with the VT1126 and VT4026

Large selection of custom-made mounting accessories - Five are included!




Included Accessories

  • Alligator Clip (AC)

  • Dracula Mount (DM)                 

  • Tie-Tac Clip (TT)                       

  • Pro Windscreen (PW)               

  • Rubber Body Mount (RBM)

  • Otter Box (VTO)





VT500WA ADVENTURE microphones are available in Black


vt500 & vt506  


Wireless Connector Terminations

Voice Technologies VT500WA ADVENTURE lavalier microphones are designed to excel for performing talent in sports, broadcast, theatre, film, ENG, EFP, public address and sound reinforcement. They are available with connector terminations for most popular wireless brands currently in use. The three-wire design allows the mics to be connectorized and compatible with virtually any wireless transmitter. The following are continuously available with immediate delivery:

  • Contact your Lectrosonics reseller for info on WPMC-3 waterproof lavalier connector kits for WM transmitters
  • 3-Pin Lemo for Sennheiser SK50, Series 2000, Audio Ltd. miniTX and most Zaxcom
  • TA5F for Lectrosonics Servo-Bias Inputs, SMa, SMV, SMQV, UMa & LMa. Essentially anything new
  • TA4F for Shure and Sabine          

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