Telex BTR-300 VHF Wireless Base Station

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Telex BTR-300 VHF Wireless Base Station

Telex BTR-300 VHF Wireless Base Station

STELBTR300 Not Yet Rated | Write the First Review

The Telex BTR-300 is a VHF wireless intercom Base Station, featuring simultaneous, full-duplex support of up to 4 remote stations and 16 beltpack transceivers, and features a 2000'(beltpack to beltpack) operating range. The higher VHF frequency allocation and advanced front-end RF filtering have been acquired and designed to avoid DTV operating bands and minimize localized RF interference on location.

The BTR-300 features a comprehensive set of controls, switches and connectors facilitating use with both wired and wireless intercoms(including 4-wire stations), PA systems, and recording devices. Both Telex and RTS headsets, equipped with either electret or dynamic boom microphones, may be used.

The BTR-300 is a fully professional base station in design and construction, and a versatile solution as either the basis of an independent wireless intercom system, or as an expansion unit for an existing one.

Flexible, full-duplex VHF wireless intercom Base Station with simultaneous communications support of up to 4 portable and wired stations and 16 beltpack transceivers

Frequency allocation designed to avoid DTV band allocations, greatly reduce interference with improved "high-Q" front-end RF filtering and unique channel assignments

Computerized frequency selection for maximized precision, consistent operability

Rugged, shielded all-metal casing, table top or rackmount use

Intercom loop-thru connectors with existing external wired intercom stations, External Intercom switch with dedicated level trim and LED indicator

Auxiliary audio connectors to PA systems, recording devices and 4-wire intercoms; Auxiliary Enable switch with dedicated level control and LED indicator

3-position CONT/OFF/REMOTE transmit mode switch allows base station to be used solely as monitor, as full transceiver with transmitter always engaged, or as transmitter activated only by remote portable activity

Dedicated RF indicator lights for each remote portable station, individual Portable Enable In/Out switches allow individual monitoring for In position, individual muting for selected station in Out position

Telex or RTS Headset connectors with dedicated headset volume control

Adjustable headset microphone trim control with gain compressor for overload protection, dedicated gain light indicator

Local external speaker out jack with volume trim control

Headset mic selector switch for electret or dynamic microphone use, separate Mic Push-To- or Lock-To-Talk local headset microphone enabler switch

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