Audio Developments AD161 ENG Mixer 3 Input Mono Output

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Audio Developments AD161 ENG Mixer 3 Input Mono Output

Audio Developments AD161 ENG Mixer 3 Input Mono Output

SAUDAD161 Not Yet Rated | Write the First Review

The first in a family of 3, the AD161 has been designed to meet the needs of today's news gatherers. For speed and efficiency crews have been reduced to the bare essentials and so cameras, lighting and sound equipment need to be quick to set up, reliable to use and produce the first class quality sound and pictures viewers have come to expect.

The AD161 has all the facilities needed to fulfill this demanding role. It is small, light, extremely rugged, and has such a straightforward layout of controls that even a newcomer to audio will instinctively become familiar with all the functions in minutes.


AD161 has 3 MIC INPUTS, Electronically balanced with XLR Type connector, 2 High Pass Filters, 2 Position Input Gain Selector, Rotary gain control, 48V Phantom/12V T (AB) Powering, Pre-fade listen, Phase Change.

AUXILIARY LINE INPUT, Electronically balanced with Type A jack connector, level control and routable to Main Output and/or monitor.

OUTPUT Transformer balanced with XLR Type connector, rotary gain control, Hi/Low output level switch.

MONITORING Headphones on Type A Jack with switch to select output, line input or return. Metering with VU, PPM Scales. A second monitor output allows another to receive a signal feed, which also includes a private TALK facility

LINE UP OSCILLATOR, 1k Tone into Output

LIMITER incorporated in the main output. An IN/OUT switch introduces the Limiter into circuit and an LED indicates when limiting is taking place.

BATTERY TEST momentary action push switch shows battery status on meter

TALKBACK There is an electret microphone switchable to main output and external connector (boom man) operated by push switches.

6 PIN TUCHEL CONNECTOR - output power line, line output and line input for quick connection to recording medium.

ON INDICATOR - A red LED indicates the mixer is switched ON and flashes to show low battery voltage.

POWERING - From 6 x AA internal batteries or a 10V to 15V external source.



Maximum Gain 75 dB

Input Levels 3dBu

Input Impedance 3K ohms

Mic Powering 48V Phantom 12V Tonader

Frequency Response 1dB 20Hz to 20kHz

High-Pass Filter -3dB @ 90Hz & 150Hz


Harmonic Distortion <0.05% @ 1kHz 600R load,

0dBm output

<0.2% 50Hz to 20kHz +15dBu

Crosstalk <-65dB 40Hz to 15 kHz

Maximum Output Level +24dBm into 600R

50dB Attenuation at Mic Level

Output Impedance <60R Transformer Balanced

Noise <-125dB Mic 20Hz to 20kHz.

200R Source

Monitoring Type 'A' jack into >100R

headphones with level control,

PPM or VU meter

Powering Internal - 6 AA size Drycells

Power Consumption 80mA without powered mics

Dimensions 180 x 146 x 58mm (excl. knobs)

Weight 1.15 Kg. (Inc. batteries)

Front Panel


Input Side Panel


Output Side Panel


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