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Fostex T50-RP Headphones, Flagship RP Model, Hi Fidelity Frequency Response - Detachable/Lock cable

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Product Code: SFOST50-RP

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Excellent quality headsets with Regulated Phase, a new transducer technology which offers the finest quality audio reproduction. Used by professionals on stage and in studios the world over. The T50RP utilizes a newly designed development called an "RP Diaphragm". This unique Fostex technology employs a copper foil etched polyimide film to provide resistance to high level input peaks of up to 3000mW combined with a neodynium magnet for high sensitivity and excellent transient handling. This combination lifts quality of the T50RP's audio reproduction above that of the already superb T40RP and T20RP. In short, the T50RP offers perhaps the most natural and uncolored sound yet heard from a pair of studio headphones. SPECIFICATIONS • IMPEDENCE - 50ohm • SENSITIVITY - 98dB/m • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 15Hz - 35kHz • MAX INPUT LEVEL - 3000mW • WEIGHT - 330g (without cable)

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