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Oscar SoundTech Lavalier Microphone Combo Set OST-801 ( Black )

Pro-Sound Low Price:
Product Code: SOSCCOMBOOST-801

Please Select Add-On Plug:
Sony/Hirose-4 $25.00
Sennheiser/TRS $15.00
AKG/TA4F $15.00
MiPro/TA4F $15.00
Shure/TA4F $15.00
Lectrosonics/TA5F $15.00
Lemo-3 $45.00

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OST-801/802 Lavalier microphones have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements in all professional audio applications. These lavalier microphones provide high sound quality over a wide frequency range.  Noise from clothing rubbing and movement are greatly reduced. Their small sizes and a great variety of mounting accessories make these microphones ideal for theater, broadcast, film, TV and public address applications.     

OST-801/802 - Features and Performance Specifications:
•  Miniature electret condenser microphone
•  Omni-Directional polar pattern
•  Size : 0.45 x 0.76 x 1.37 Centimeters
•  Cable:  Strong, Shielded – 1.52 meter (5 feet)
•  Exceptionally low sensitivity to solid borne vibration. A novel electret element and integral preamplifier are included. Internal filter provides highly efficient RF suppression.
•  Output Impedance :   3500 Ohm
•  Current Drain :           25 uA
•  Supply Voltage :         1.3 V
•  Frequency Response: 20 – 16000Hz
•  Available in Black, White, Tan and Gray
•  Large variety of accessories available
•  Supports most universal connector types. Compatible with Lectrosonic, Sony, Shure and Sennheiser wireless transmitters. All other manufacturers can also be made with special order.

Combo includes a microphone (pigtail), a foam windscreen, a tieclip or a cable clip in a storage box. Power supply is optional.

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