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WIRELESS IFB/ Ear Monitoring

Clearcom TR-50 Talent Receiver
Amplified single-channel talent receiver connects to the program-interrupt controller with standard microphone cable. Features "mini" earphone jack. Also useful for listen-only use with party-line intercom systems.


Clearcom TR-532 Stereo/Split-Feed Talent Receiver
Beltpack receiver accepts both interrupt and non-interrupt program signals on a single, standard mic cable, and outputs them to a sportscaster headset or stereo earphones. The interrupt signal goes to one ear, and non-interrupt to the other. The headset's mic output is routed to a 3-pin connector for "on-air" use. Individual volume controls, stereo headphone jack, and 6-pin male headset connector.

Clearcom UPX-10
For IFB/talent cueing, intercom listen-only monitoring, and other audio-monitoring applications. Consists of the UPX-10 single-rack-space base-station transmitter and the RCV-2 portable beltpack receiver. Transmitter is compatible with any Clear-Com intercom or IFB system. Receivers are switchable between two channels.


Comtek  AP-230 Auto-Prompter Kit
For use with miniature tape recorders, dat recorders, or MP-3 players for discrete cueing applications. Allows the user to listen to prerecorded cues when giving speeches or presentations. May also be used with all COMTEK personal receivers.


Comtek BST-25/216 Base Station
The BST-25/216 MHz is a professional quality, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate with the PR-216 synthesized receiver in the newly assigned 216-217 MHz band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations.
The BST-25/216 MHz transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless system.
This transmitter may be used for personal cueing, for tour guide applications, language interpretation, and for assistive listening applications.


Comtek M-216 Transmitter
The M-216 wireless microphone transmitter offers the ultimate performance and versatility for assistive listening, language interpretation, tour guide presentations, personal cueing, and for other personal remote transmission situations. For use with the PR-216 synthesized receiver.
The M-216 incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless microphone.
The transmitter's microcontroller automatically sets the modulation deviation, companding or non-companding audio processing, and the EQ when corresponding channels are selected. Because of this comprehensive feature, this versatile transmitter can transmit on 19 high fidelity channels and 38 standard channels ensuring compatibility with receivers conforming to regulations regarding Low Power Radio Service (LPRS) transmissions in the 216-217 MHz band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations


Comtek M-216 Option P7 Transmitter
The Option P7 transmitter with a rugged, short whip antenna (6") offers increased range and is ideal for location sound applications for director and crew audio feed. Use with the PR-216 headphone receiver for a reliable way to provide a great sounding confidence audio channel. Built with performance in mind, the M-216 Option P7 provides the quality and dependability required by top sound mixers!


Comtek M-72 Transmitter
The M-72 wireless microphone transmitter meets the highest professional standards; yet because of its unique design, it offers operational success to even the nonprofessional user. When used with COMTEK receivers, the M-72 transmitter reproduces the microphone's quality with indistinguishable difference. The wide dynamic range of this transmitter is made possible because of its unique soft compressor system which, along with very linear modulation characteristics and low residual FM noise, gives the most natural sound possible from a wireless microphone. To add to its versatility, the M-72 transmitter is available with either a companded (Type C) or non-companded (Type L) audio system for use with any COMTEK receiver. Also, the M-72 will phantom power all types of electret condenser microphones or operate with dynamic microphones.
The M-72 transmitter has an LED indicator to monitor RF output and battery condition. A microphone sensitivity adjustment is provided to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for different applications. The M-72 transmitter utilizes a body induction antenna system. Only the microphone cord extends from the transmitter package enabling the transmitter to have a more uniform radiation pattern when the unit is placed on the body or held in the hand. A slide-open battery compartment makes changing batteries fast and easy. Higher efficiency circuitry provides even longer battery life while maintaining high fidelity and maximum FCC allotted power.

Comtek MRC-82 Pro Listener
The COMTEK MRC-82P Pro Listener is a professional quality wireless headset monitor receiver for use with the M-72 type C or M-72 type BS transmitters. Advanced micro-circuit technology enables the MRC-82P receiver to have full fidelity while maintaining small size, outstanding reliability, and low power consumption. A single nine volt battery operates the receiver for up to 20 hours. A 4-pole, active R.F. pre-selector, incorporating dual gate MOSFET semiconductors, provides superior sensitivity and selectivity for unconditional performance even in crowded R.F. environments. An ultra-abrupt quieting detector circuit offers high S/N performance of up to 90 dB of quieting even under adverse multi-channel operation. The audio processing circuit produces full fidelity, low distortion, and frequency response from 50 to 15,00 Hz. The audio output is through a 3.5 mm stereo jack and is adjustable with a volume control knob giving a 35 dB range to accommodate any low impedance headphone - either stereo or mono. The MRC-82 Pro Listener receiver can offer fail safe operation up to 1,000 feet when used with COMTEK base station transmitters.

Comtek MRC-82C Receiver
The COMTEK MRC-82C Camera Companion is a professional quality, full fidelity wireless microphone mini-receiver designed to be used with all video cameras and sound systems.
Advanced micro-circuit technology enables the MRC-82C mini-receiver to have all the features of a larger, full function wireless microphone receiver while maintaining small size, outstanding reliability, and low power consumption. A single nine volt battery operates the receiver for up to 20 hours. A 4-pole, active R.F. pre-selector incorporates dual gate MOSFET semiconductors to provide superior sensitivity and selectivity for unconditional performance in crowded R.F. environments and with multi-channel operation. An ultra-abrupt quieting detector circuit offers high S/N performance of up to 100 dB of quieting even under adverse conditions. The MRC-82C receiver can offer fail safe operation up to 300 feet when used with COMTEK lavaliere transmitters.

PR-25 Personal Receiver

Comtek PR-25 Receiver
The PR-25 synthesized personal receiver is specially designed to meet the high demands of the broadcast, film production, and live entertainment industries. This is the most advanced, high fidelity, IFB cueing, and remote program monitoring receiver available. While maintaining small size, outstanding reliability, and low power consumption, it can operate on any one of 113 channels, The PR-25 receiver incorporates a high performance RF section with low noise RF preamplifiers incorporating a dual-tracking pre-selector system. A balanced diode ring mixer is used to enhance intermod rejection for unsurpassed performance even in crowded RF environments. An ultra-abrupt quieting detector circuit offers high signal-to-noise performance (up to 90 dB of quieting). Even under adverse multi-channel operation, it maintains a frequency response of 50 to 12,000 Hz. The audio output will accommodate a 3.5 mm stereo or mono low impedance headset. A feedback type volume control allows a 50 dB range of audio level. For use with the COMTEK BST-25 base station transmitter.


Comtek PR-216 Receiver
The PR-216 receiver is a high performance, personal monitor receiver designed to operate with transmitters in the 216-217 MHz Low Power Radio Service (LPRS) band under Part 95 of the FCC regulations. This versatile receiver can tune both standard and high fidelity channels for a variety of specialty applications: assistive listening, personal cueing, language interpretation, tour guide monitoring, and other personal remote monitoring applications.
The PR-216 receiver has convenient channel-selectability to satisfy the most demanding multi-channel requirements even in crowded RF environments. The use of high efficiency, low power consumption microcircuits ensures high performance and reliability. This receiver is user-friendly, compact, extremely rugged, and is ideal for everyday use. Compatible with the M-216 and BST-25/216 transmitters.

PR-72b Personal Receiver

Comtek PR-72b Receiver
The PR-72b Companion receiver is a high performance miniature receiver. And due to its excellent performance and many available options, this versatile receiver may be used for many applications - IFB and professional studio communications, personal cueing, industrial communications, and individual auditory assistance. Also, because of its extended frequency response and low noise level, the PR-72b is a convenient receiver to use with video cameras and portable tape recorders.
The PR-72b incorporates low power consumption for longer battery life (up to 40 hours). Special features include an LED battery condition indicator, automatic on / off power switch, battery charging access through the output jack, slide-open battery compartment, and no external antenna - only the output cable extends from the receiver.
The following options are also available: plug-in channel selector, external microphone input for assistive listening, independent on / off switch, and an extremely rugged volume control for general public use. Moreover, the PR-72b's small size and light weight make it easy to carry in a pocket or pouch.

RC-216 Receive-A-Cue

Comtek RC-216 Cueing System
The RC-216 Receive-A-Cue system is a professional quality, digitally synthesized wireless cueing system operating in the interference-free 216-217 MHz band. The IR-230 induction receiver and NTC-102 neck-loop eliminates the need for visible wires going directly to the ear. With the adjustable volume control and low residual noise, this discrete earpiece is loud enough for even the most demanding environments. The dual function M-216 transmitter can be used with a lapel microphone for live cueing, or the AUX input and whip antenna can be used to send cues from a line level audio input source. Also, the AUX input on the transmitter allows for prerecorded material to be played back from another sound source such as an MP-3 player, dat recorder, or even a feed from a mixing board. When using the mic input and the AUX input simultaneously, the AUX input will automatically lower it's level to prioritize the signal from the mic input.

JK Audio QuickTap IFB
Connect the QuickTap IFB between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio from any telephone system.
Simply unplug the handset coily cord from the base of your telephone and plug it directly into the QuickTap IFB, then, using the supplied cable, connect the QuickTap IFB to the base of the telephone. The 600 ohm male XLR lets you take audio from the phone line and route it into a mixer or headset amplifier. You can also plug an IFB earpiece directly into the 1/8" mini jack. However, keep in mind this is a passive box with a 600 ohm output; the earpiece should have an impedance greater than 600 ohms to get usable output.
Both audio output jacks contain a nice mix of the audio coming from the phone line and the handset audio going into the phone. Any conversation over the handset is sent over both audio output jacks. Or you can leave the handset disconnected and just hear audio from the far end of the call.
The QuickTap IFB does not work with cellular telephones or any telephone with a keypad in the handset.


Lectrosonics R1A
Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production. In other cases, the IFB system is used by directors and other management to monitor program audio during a production. The IFB R1a receiver provides simplicity and flexibility in a package that is intuitive for untrained users to operate.
The receiver is housed in a rugged machined aluminum package. A spring-loaded belt clip provides a secure mounting on a wide variety of belts, pockets and fabrics. The belt clip is removable to reduce its size and allow mounting into other types of bags and belt worn mounting systems common in field production

t1fv.gif - 31785 Bytes

Lectrosonics T1
The Lectrosonics IFB system was designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater, and stage applications where extended operating range and high quality audio are essential. The T1 transmitter can be used as a stand-alone device or patched directly into popular intercom systems.
There are 256 UHF frequencies in 100kHz steps that provide exceptional flexibility in coordinating frequencies in multi-channel wireless systems and avoid interference from external sources.

t2fv.gif - 22250 Bytes

Lectrosonics T2 Transmitter
The IFB T2 is a high performance synthesized UHF belt-pack transmitter that allows wireless belt-pack to belt-pack communications with the IFB R1 receiver. A common application is to permit a camera operator or director to communicate with talent while moving around the production set or field location. The T2 will operate with any microphone or line level source for a wide variety of uses. 100mW of RF output power provides exceptional operating range for indoor or outdoor use.
The T2 offers the frequency agility needed to alleviate interference and frequency coordination problems in traveling applications. Interference caused by television broadcasts and other radio equipment can easily be avoided with 256 available frequencies selected in 100kHz steps using two rotary switches on the side panel.

The PSC Inductive Earpiece

PSC Inductive Earpiece
Professional Sound Corporation has met the high demands for discrete cueing with the development of the Inductive Earpiece. This inductive cueing system is quite simple to use. Audio is transmitted from any source via an inductive loop. The talent can wear a small, flexible neck loop which couples audio via a low level magnetic field into a hearing aid style earpiece. Alternately, a perimeter or "room loop" may be used to encircle an entire room or stage allowing many people to receive the same cue. Both of these two uses allow the talent to receive a discrete cue on camera
The Professional Sound Corporation Inductive Earpiece is routinely used for cueing of news anchors, actors, stage performers, dancers, and other on camera personalities. Its small size can be worn by both adults and children alike. It is made of a flesh color ABS plastic to provide better on camera concealment. The PSC Inductive Earpiece comes complete with a cleaning brush, ear swabs, a supply of batteries and an attractive carry case. This small Inductive Earpiece comes with a 90 day, limited warranty.

The PSC Phone Tap

PSC Phone Tap
The Professional Sound Corporation Phone Tap has been designed to be used by the radio, television and film industries as an interface for recording audio from a standard telephone line. This device can be connected to virtually any standard telephone line via the supplied cables and adapters. The PSC Phone Tap, once connected, will emulate a standard telephone. When that telephone line is called, a red "ring" LED will flash. The operator of the PSC Phone Tap then flips the switch to "on" and the line will be seized just as a normal phone would do. The red "ring" LED will stop flashing and the green "seize" LED will light indicating that the line has been seized. Audio received over the phone line is then available on the output XLR for recording purposes.
Two sides of a conversation can also be recorded if a standard telephone is connected in parallel with the PSC Phone Tap. A dual phone jack is provided to allow this configuration. The PSC Phone Tap is supplied with several cables and adapters to allow connection to any standard telephone line. This device is completely line-powered and the audio output is transformer-isolated from the phone line. This device adheres to part 15 of the FCC regulations. Licensing is the responsibility of the owner/user.

Shure PSM700
Perfect for live, studio, theater, broadcast, religious and corporate applications. Personal monitoring system that offers synthesized frequency agility, the exclusive MixMode technology that allows personal control over the mix you hear, ability to create up to 16 custom stereo mixes simultaneously, excellent sound quality and more. Supplied with ear buds that provide a comfortable fit.


Sennheiser SR 3054-U Transmitter
The SR 3054-U is a stereo transmitter with 16 programmable UHF transmission frequencies. RF characteristics are the same as for a standard radio-microphone, making multi-channel frequency selection easy. Its high level of operational reliability, ease of use and excellent mechanical stability make this transmitter an ideal choice for use in large shows and for touring artists.


Sennheiser EK 3053-U Receiver
Designed specifically for touring and rock bands, Sennheiser’s new EK 3053-U wireless personal in-ear system monitor receiver offers users 16 selectable UHF frequencies in two operational modes: stereo or “focus mix”. By using the “focus mix” option, a performer can adjust his or her volume level relative to the rest of the band. A larger-than-usual volume knob provides easy tactile control.
The rugged all metal receiver provides in ear system monitoring protection via Sennheiser’s HiDyn stage noise reduction system which maximizes effective signal to noise ratio and a separate switchable limiter to help insure hearing protection. The receiver is designed for use with most transducers including the custom molded type suggested by many audiologists. To meet the demands of touring and rock bands, the EK 3053-U offers a higher output level than its broadcast IFB counterpart, the EK 3052-U.
The EK 3053-U has an operating range of 500 - 1000 feet. It incorporates the same unique RF architecture found in Sennheiser’s other RF products, which allows operation of over 80 channels simultaneously with retuning flexibility to address forthcoming DTV TV channels.

Sennheiser EK 3041 Receiver
With a continuing commitment to advance the state-of-the-art technology for RF wireless, Sennheiser introduces the EK3041 miniature, true diversity receiver. Extremely lightweight and compact at 2.72 x 4.76 x .72 inches, the EK3041 is ideal for all ENG applications, and is specifically designed for use with new digital ENG camcorders.
The EK3041 offers 32 switchable PLL-synthesized UHF frequencies in a 24 MHz switching bandwidth, yielding extremely reliable and clear sound transmission. Sonic quality is further enhanced by Sennheiser's patented HiDyn plus® noise reduction system which delivers a signal-to-noise ratio over 105 dB. For the highest of flexibility, the receiver can be supplied in the complete UHF band from 450 to 960 MHz, making the unit easily adaptable to worldwide RF conditions.
The EK 3041-U is your master key to digital video productions worldwide

RadioCom BTR-600, BTR-500/TR-500

Telex RadioCom BTR-600, BTR-500/TR-500
Offering the ultimate in reliable, high performance, high fidelity, full duplex communications. Operating in the 250-760 MHz range, the units operate reliably at distances of over 1,000 feet. Various types of log periodic antennas are available that can increase the effective range to 1/2 a mile or more. The BTR-500/600 Series also incorporates two-channel frequency agility. The base station and beltpack have two UHF transmit frequencies and two UHF receive frequencies that allow the user to escape frequency interference problems that may arise. The BTR-600 Series includes a unique patented digital encryption process for those who need secure full duplex communications. The 600 Series offers over 65,000 code settings that can be changed on-the-fly by means of four cipher code switches on the units. MSRP shown is for the BTR-500/TR-500 combo.


Telex ET-2
Coiled tube earpiece including an earmold, acoustic tube and clothing clip. OR Coiled tube earpiece including an earmold, acoustic tube and clothing clip.

RadioCom BTR-300/TR-300 Wireless Intercom System

Telex RadioCom BTR-300/TR-300 Wireless Intercom System
A full duplex VHF highband wireless intercom system. Operating in the 150-216 MHz range, the units operate reliably at distances of over 1,000 feet. The BTR-300 base station will accommodate up to four TR-300 packs and can be easily linked to another BTR-300 for operating up to eight TR-300s. For convenience in ordering, there are several pre-selected frequency groups carefully coordinated by the Telex RF engineers for system compatibility.

PSS 3' XLR-TA5F Cable
Adapts any dynamic handheld microphone into a Lectrosonics wireless bodypack transmitter or T2 Transmitter. Also used to transmit wireless to a camera.

Comtek M72 Line Level Input Cable
Connects a line level XLR male out put and a Comtek sub-mini input. XLR Female to locking Sub-mini Male.


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